Four Walls and a Roof

Season 5 Episode 3 "Four Walls and a Roof"



Warning: This Recap Contains Spoilers




Four Walls And A Roof


The episode begins where the last episode ended: with Gareth & Co. consuming parts of Bob right before his eyes. As Walkers scratch, claw, and desperately look in from a window, Gareth decides to wax poetic about their overall circumstances. Seeing the Walkers makes him feel better about life. Because as his Mom used to say, "every day above ground is a win." And even though that may not apply anymore, they still give him perspective.


And all I could think during this interaction, aside from the fact that Gareth is clearly insane, is how ironic it is to have Gareth discuss a "glass half full/glass half empty" philosophy with Bob, the eternal optimist. But in the end, as he watches the Walkers outside continue to gather and push against the window pane, even Gareth must admit that eventually the glass simply breaks.


Aside from the philosophical discussion, Gareth also shares that he left markers during the journey so he and the group can find their way back to Terminus when this is over, which he now admits was kind of stupid. What do they have to go back to? I immediately thought of this from the Season Premiere:


Could this be the significance of the sign Morgan found? Is this simply the way that Morgan finds his way to the church and, if Father Gabriel survives, to Washington D.C. where he finally finds Rick? I'm not sure why Morgan is seeking him out, but either way it should be interesting.


In any case, Gareth also shares that one of his guys almost nabbed Carol, but she and "the archer" drove away before it could happen.


Poor Bob just sits dazed, confused, and seemingly in shock. Until he begins to laugh and laugh at the irony of it all. Gareth's group thinks he's lost mind, until Bob decides to share what he finds so funny. They thought they were so clever, but the joke's clearly on them. Bob was bitten on the shoulder by a Walker at the food bank...so they just had themselves a nice, tasty helping of tainted meat.


The Terminus guys begin to gag, much like I was doing at the beginning of the episode, and freak out at this news. What exactly does this mean for them? Will they now turn? But Gareth tells them all to calm down. They cooked Bob so they should all be fine. And they could still use Bob to their advantage.


Bob's laugh turns into hysteria and he begins to shout at them. Gareth has enough of his antics and kicks Bob in the face, knocking him out.


Sins Of The Father


Back at the church, Sasha frantically searches for Bob. Not finding him, she storms back into the church to confront Father Gabriel. She's certain this all connected. He shows up, and now Bob, Daryl, and Carol are missing. Father Gabriel denies any involvement, but both Sasha and Rick refuse to believe him. Rick wants to know what it all means. The "you'll burn for this" message left for the good Father, the seemingly kind hospitality, and the lady at the food bank. What has Gabriel done?


Father Gabriel gives in to Rick's demands and finally confesses his sins. He always locks the doors at night. During the early stages of the outbreak, his congregation came to the church seeking refuge, but Gabriel was too afraid to let them in. He sat within the safety of his church as the men, women, and children were ripped to shreds outside by Walkers. He is damned. And the Lord has delivered Rick and his group to his doorstep to finally mete out punishment.


A Dose Of Reality


As Father Gabriel collapses onto the floor, a weeping mess, the group hears someone outside. Sasha rushes out to find Bob lying on the grass. They bring him indoors, and he tells them all that has transpired. He was held captive in some kind of school, and one of Gareth's men saw Daryl and Carol drive away from the church. He also confesses that he was bitten by the Walker. The events allow Father Gabriel to regain his composure, and he offers the sofa in his office to the group for Bob. Sasha is grateful and thanks him. 

Abraham thinks it's time for a reality check. Circumstances dictate they leave for D.C. right now, but Rick strongly disagrees. Daryl and Carol will be back, and the group isn't going anywhere until they return. Abraham respects that, but he needs to get Eugene out of danger so good luck and sayonara because he, Rosita, and Eugene are leaving. Now.


Rick can't believe what he's hearing. Carol saved Abraham's life and now he is turning his back on her? On them? But Abraham is unmoved. His number one priority is Eugene. Rick tells him to go, but the bus Father Gabriel provided for them stays. Abraham is willing to take the vehicle by force if necessary, and he and Rick almost come to blows, but Glenn intervenes. 


Glenn tries to appeal to Abraham's reason. They need each other. They can make it through this and get to Washington D.C, but only if they work together. Tara offers to leave with Abraham if he promises to stay one day to help them deal with Gareth. For Abraham that's not enough. He needs Glenn and Maggie as well. Rick says no, but Glenn tells Rick it's not his choice. He agrees to the terms. He and Maggie will leave with Abraham.


To Forgive Is Divine


Sasha tries to make Bob as comfortable as possible. Bob attempts to lighten the mood by playing the "good out of the bad" game, but Sasha's not interested. All she wants to know is why Bob kept what happened at the food bank hidden. Bob didn't want things between them to "become all about the end." He wanted to hold on to the "middle". He really liked the "middle". 


Father Gabriel tells Rick where the school that Gareth is holed up in is located. The group develops their plan of action. Rick asks if Tyreese if he's up for what's about to go down, but Sasha interrupts before he could answer. She's going with them. Tyreese advises her to stay. He understands her need for revenge because he felt that way once too, but what's important is the time she has left with Bob. Time Tyreese never got with Karen. Revenge only blinds you to what is important. Blinds you to forgiveness. But Sahsa is not in a forgiving mood. In fact, she wants to know what the hell is wrong with Tyreese. Forgiveness? That's out of the question. She's going with Rick. And she hands Tyreese her knife, instructing him to put it through Bob's skull if he stops breathing. 


A Promise Kept


Rick and Co. head out to face off against Gareth, leaving Father Gabriel, Carl, Eugene, Rosita, and Tyreese behind to care for Bob and Baby Judith. 


But this has been Gareth's plan all along. Expecting a direct assault, he and his group wait in the woods outside the church and watch as Rick leaves. He enters the church to handle those left behind. For him it's been all about divide and conquer. 


As the remaining members huddle in a room waiting for Gareth to attack, Gareth makes it clear he knows exactly who is left behind. Judith, Carl, Rosita, Eugene, Father Gabriel, and Martin's friend Tyreese. And I'm all, Martin? Then, surprise!


Martin is still alive. And I'm ashamed to admit this is the first time I've realized it, even though they have shown him several times in this episode. Slow on the uptake, that's me. In any case, it turns out Tyreese did not kill Martin after all. He kept to his "no kill" policy. And he also lied to Carol. 


Just as Gareth and Co. are about to shoot their way into the small room where Tyreese

and the rest are huddled, Rick appears behind them. Their exodus was a ruse. Rick had the upper hand on Gareth all along. Gareth tries to use the "put your weapons down or I'll shoot your people" routine, but Rick is not playing that game. He shoots Gareth in the hand, severing several digits, and shutting him up. They disarm the rest of the Terminus members, and have them kneel. 

Gareth knows there is no point in begging...and yet Rick could have killed them all when their backs were turned. There has to be a reason for that. Rick agrees there was a reason. They didn't want to waste the bullets.


Gareth knows that Rick has probably dealt with his own share of hardships, but he can see that Rick has never known true hunger. Yes, Gareth and his buddies eat people. But they were driven to it. Rick can't possibly understand. But Rick doesn't have to do this. Gareth and his Terminus people will leave and never darken their doorstep again. Rick isn't swayed. He knows that even if they never cross paths again, Gareth will continue to murder innocent people. And besides...

Rick made a promise. He pulls out the red handled machete, and all I could think of was this:

Rick then proceeds to chop Gareth into pieces, as Michonne, Sasha, and Abraham beat the rest of the Terminus members to death. Maggie, Glenn, and Tara watch in stunned silence, and Tyreese watches in silent horror. Father Gabriel exits the office and is shocked by the carnage. "This is the Lord's house", he says. But to Maggie this is nothing more than four walls and a roof.


Saying Goodbye 


The following day the group say their goodbyes to Bob. Bob thanks Rick for all he did for him. Rick is a good man who gave people like Bob sanctuary. Despite all that has occurred, Bob will not retract what he said to Rick the previous day. The world will change. Nightmares comes to an end. But even if nightmares do end, they should not end who you are. 


A few hours later, as Sasha holds vigil by Bob's bedside, she asks him what good will come out of this bad. But Bob dies before he could answer. 


Later that day, the group say their goodbyes to Glenn, Maggie, and Tara. Abraham gives Rick a map with the route to Wasington D.C. The world will be saved and Rick should be there to see it happen. Maggie knows they will be. And Rick agrees. They depart, and Rick finds a message from Abraham sprawled on the map:



Afterward, Rick helps Tyreese bury the bodies. As they work, Rick says he'd never asked Tyreese how getting to Terminus was for him. Tyreese says that it killed him, to which Rick responds that no, it did not. 


The Cliffhanger


That evening Michonne sits outside the church contemplating the return of her sword and what it might mean. She was able to retrieve the sword from one of the Terminus members after the battle. Father Gabriel comes out to sit with her. He can't seem to shut the voices out of his head. The voices of all those who died because of him. Michonne tells him the voices will never stop, but it won't be all the time. Just then, she hears a noise out in the woods, pulls her sword, and heads out to investigate.


Daryl emerges from the woods. Michonne is thrilled to see him....but where's Carol? He doesn't answer, instead choosing to tell whomever is with him to come out of the woods. And then it's fade to black... Of course, I'm screaming inside by then. Where's Carol? Is she dead? For all the issues I've had with Carol, I really don't want her to die. And where is Beth? 


To be continued....



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