Year in Review



2014 was a slightly tough reading year for me. The year was filled with bouts of reading slumps that seemed to multiply like gremlins. Of course, Uni didn't help things much either since the workload, especially the Fall semester, didn't leave much time for anything other than academic reading, test taking, and hair pulling. But, despite these obstacles I still managed to squeeze in some great reads...and obsess over two of my favorite TV shows, Walking Dead and Sons of Anarchy. A girl can't ask for much more. 


Great Fiction Reads of the Year

A simple man, an outsider, and a little girl in need:




My year, as always, was filled with eclectic reads. A contemporary romance, Simple Man by Lydia Michaels managed to squeeze itself into my great reads right before the end of the year. Mark Matthews' horror novella, Milk-Blood, managed to knock my socks off with its writing and riveting story. And Penelope Williamson's western historical romance, The Outsider, reaffirmed my love of the genre.   


Great Endings

This year also saw the end of two of my favorite trilogies:



Ben Winters did not disappoint with Book 3, World of Trouble, of the Last Policeman trilogy. Poignant and courageous, it was a wonderful end to the series. Dan Wells, one of my favorite authors, also did not disappoint with Ruins, the ending of the Partials trilogy. Both garnered 5 stars from me. 


Man of the Hour



My girl crush of Carl Sagan continues. This is by far my favorite non-fiction book of the year. Awe-inspiring, thought-provoking, eye-opening...I mean it's Carl Sagan. What more is there to say? 


Most Shocking



While some shenanigans related to the ending of this one caused me to rate it 3 stars, Matt Shaw's horror novella Porn deserves honorable mention. It made me squirm, it made me cringe, it made me clutch my pearls...but it was good and would have earned 4 stars if not for

that twist at the end.

(show spoiler)

My review of this one is here.


"Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow" 

And last but not least, and completely unrelated to books, 2014 saw the end of one of my all-time favorite TV shows.


After 7 seasons, my beloved Sons of Anarchy finally came to an end. Jax Teller will forever go down as one of the best fictional characters ever brought to life.

His story came to a heart-breaking, tragic, yet beautiful and bittersweet end. An end that I will never get over. I will love you forever, Jax. **sniffle**

(show spoiler)

That's right, I'm ending this post on a fangirl note, Ladies and Gentlemen. 


So, as the song goes, "to everything, turn, turn, turn. There is a season, turn, turn, turn..." Goodbye, 2014. It was nice knowin' ya. Thanks for the memories.