Roses are red, violets are blue...

Grave Intentions - Lori Sjoberg

oh, Grave Intentions, I just can't seem to finish you.


Sadly, this will be tossed onto the DNF shelf. At 54%, I'm still waiting for a plot to emerge. One that ties in the Hero's soul reaping and the Heroine's job as a scientist. Something with a little conflict to make things interesting. Right now it feels as though there are two separate stories being told: one in which the Hero is teaching a newbie the ropes as a grim reaper, and the other in which the Heroine is facing job woes. And then a little of this happens, and then a little of that happens, and then some random thing over there, and then...zZzzzzzzzzzzz. 


The sad part is that the grim reaper portions are kind of fun, quirky, and interesting. I actually enjoyed those scenes. But everything else is so very bland. The Heroine is bland, and the romance is bland, and nothing is really happening. It basically feels like a day in the lives of the H/H. So, although some parts might be interesting, the overall effect is that it's lost me. The few enjoyable parts are not enough to keep me invested.


DNF: 54%