The Care and Feeding of Stray Vampires (Half Moon Hollow, #1) by Molly Harper

The Care and Feeding of Stray Vampires - Molly Harper

  "The man was just unsettling; there was no other way to put it. I couldn't seem to get my conversational bearings around him. And clearly, he had a negative impact on my decision-making skills, because I'd agreed to cohabitate with someone who was cranky, condescending, and prone to bouts of staggering insensitivity. If I'd wanted that,

I'd get a cat.


Meet Iris Scanlon, daytime assistant to the undead. Iris owns and operates the only vampire concierge service in town. She's more than happy to earn a living running their errands as long as they stay on their side of the business contract. 


Meet "Cal" Calix, Iris' arrogant yet undeniably sexy vampire client. When an attempt is made on Cal's life, he realizes he'll need more from his human assistant than just picking up dry cleaning. He needs Iris to keep him safe until he can figure out who wants him dead, dead


After a little cajoling, and an additional fee, Iris agrees to give Cal sanctuary. With a mortgage to pay and a 17-year-old to feed, she could use the extra money. And it's only for a few days. What could possibly wrong?


The Care and Feeding of Stray Vampires is a fun, quirky paranormal romance that I enjoyed immensely. It was great fun watching Cal and Iris navigate through their love/hate relationship. There was great banter between these two, and some very funny scenes. I loved Cal's arrogant, grumpy ways, and I loved Iris' independent and witty spirit. Loved watching their relationship grow slowly. I also enjoyed the interaction between Cal and Iris' 17-year-old sister, Gigi. One scene in which he meets one of Gigi's suitors is priceless.


I really liked the world they inhabited. It was very similar to the Sookie Stackhouse book series, a.k.a True Blood for those who watched the show on HBO, where vampires have "come out" to society and live among humans. In fact, it was so similar that this story could have taken place in a town in the exact same universe of SS. 


The mystery was fun even if it was a bit predictable. It was apparent very early on who the villain would turn out to be. Also, some of what transpires during a pivotal scene at the end was a bit implausible. The Heroine also has a little bit of a TSTL moment that felt included just to make a plot point work. However, these issues didn't detract from my enjoyment of the novel since I don't think it was trying to be anything other than good 'ol fashioned fun. And for me, The Care and Feeding of Stray Vampires by Molly Harper hit that particular sweet spot.


Note: This is a standalone. Book 2 features a new couple. 


Final Rating: 4 Stars