The Walking Dead

 Season 6 Episode 3 "Thank You"



WARNING: Major Spoilers Ahead


The following is some speculation about the events of episode 3, "Thank You". There are spoilers. 







I just watched the episode tonight, so bear with me as I have an emotional breakdown and wallow in denial. 


I cried my eyes out over the events of this episode, but now feel like a total doofus because I think we've all been duped. Apparently, some people believe Glenn's death is a fake-out. Forbes even posited some really great reasons why they think Glenn is still alive. I re-watched Glenn's "death" scene, and I think they might be right. 


When Glenn falls, it does seem like Nicholas' body falls on top of him.


And if you check out the following screenshots, it looks as though the Walkers are tearing through what appears to be Nicholas' beige shirt as his body lies on top of Glenn crosswise, as opposed to Glenn's faded grayish blue t-shirt:


Exhibit A:



Exhibit B:



Exhibit C:



The writers/effects team were really slick because they had Glenn also wear a beige overshirt on top of the tee, but the shirt is unbuttoned. When Glenn falls, the beige shirt falls open, and what we see is the faded grayish blue t-shirt which is almost indistinguishable from Nicholas' beige shirt: 


Exhibit D:



Since Glenn landed at the foot of the dumpster, the theory is that he'll pull himself underneath it in order to save himself. He does seem to realize this might be an escape route:


Exhibit E:



Now, this could all be wrong. If so, I don't mind living in blissful denial until it's confirmed in the next few episodes that Glenn is indeed dead. But if not, those bastards owe me a box of Kleenex. 


Well played, Walking Dead Writers. Well played. And I hate you all. (No, I don't. I love you. Please don't kill Daryl!)




Screenshot source: http://kissthemgoodbye.net/

Source: http://rachelbookharlot.booklikes.com