One of the things I love most about browsing book sites, aside from finding new books to read, is checking out cover art. While I love the art of words, I also love a beautiful, drool-worthy cover. So here are the top 5 stunning covers I've stumbled across in recent weeks. Because sometimes you just need the pretty. 



1. The Dinosaur Lords by Victor Milan

    Artist: Richard Anderson


- ❖ -


2. Queen of Fire (Raven's Shadow, #3) by Anthony Ryan

    Artist: Cliff Nielsen


                                                                      - ❖ -


3. The Blasted Lands (Seven Forges, #2) by James A. Moore

    Artist: Alejandro Colucci



  - ❖ -


4. The Shotgun Arcana (Golgatha, #2) by R.S. Belcher

    Artist: Raymond Swanland


 - ❖ -


5. Quintessence  (Quintessence, #1) by David Walton

    Artist: Kekai Kotaki