The Devil's Only Friend (John Cleaver) - Dan Wells

     "I'm good now. I promise..."


Many moons ago (okay, 3 years ago), I read Book 1 of the John Cleaver series, I Am Not A Serial Killer by Dan Wells. It was love at first read. I fell in love with the trilogy, I fell in love with Dan Wells, and I fell in love with John Cleaver...even if he was one scary dude. So I was extremely ecstatic to learn that Mr. Wells had decided to continue John's story in this new trilogy.


In Book 4, John is back--still fighting his impulses to kill. The tone of this installment feels a little bit different; less psychological thriller-ish, and it doesn't feel as dark as the first 3. I guess that's to be expected since John has a job to do here, and isn't as alone in his head as he was in the original. Still, it's great to be back with John, my good 'ol psychopathic friend...