Ad Blockers and the Nuisance At the Heart of the Modern Web


Interesting article in the New York Times today regarding ad blockers and their potential benefit to online advertising:

"Ad blocking has been around for years, but adoption is now rising steeply, at a pace that some in the ad industry say could prove catastrophic for the economic structure underlying the web. That has spurred a debate about the ethic of ad blocking. Some publishers and advertisers say ad blocking violates the implicit contract that girds the Internet — the idea that in return for free content, we all tolerate a constant barrage of ads.


But in the long run, there could be a hidden benefit to blocking ads for advertisers and publishers: Ad blockers could end up saving the ad industry from its worst excesses. If blocking becomes widespread, the ad industry will be pushed to produce ads that are simpler, less invasive, and are far more transparent about the way they’re handling our data — or risk getting blocked forever if they fail."   


I myself use an ad blocker, and can't imagine my life without one. Browsing the internet and watching videos on Youtube has become so much more enjoyable without all of those invasive ads. Not to mention how quickly web pages load now vs the hellish landscape it was before. But, I do sometimes feel guilty about possibly denying revenue to sites I care about. For the blogs I follow religiously, I try to donate funds when I can. How about you guys? How many of you use an ad blocker?