Another Drama in Harper Lee's Hometown

Much has been made about the release of Harper Lee's second novel, Go Set A Watchman, and the involvement of Tonja B. Carter, Lee's lawyer and trustee of her estate. It seems Ms. Carter is still making waves in Lee's hometown of Monroeville, Alabama: 

"In ways big and small, Ms. Carter, 50, is shaping the legacy of one of the country’s most revered authors.


She is Ms. Lee’s lawyer, spokeswoman and the trustee of her estate. She holds power of attorney over Ms. Lee, who is 89 and infirm, and she has had a role in a trust that the author established around 2011. She says she is the one who rediscovered the long forgotten manuscript for “Watchman” and negotiated the deal with HarperCollins for publication rights. And lately, she’s taken the reins of a nonprofit organization that Ms. Lee created, and she gained control of the play based on “Mockingbird” that is performed each spring inside the courthouse.


'This level of involvement is highly unusual,' said Sallie Randolph, a lawyer who represents authors.


Ms. Carter’s control of Ms. Lee’s affairs has become a polarizing issue that hangs over this town of about 6,300 residents."


The residents of Lee's hometown seem to be divided about Ms. Carter's character and motivations. Personally, I think she's a grifter who has tarnished Ms. Lee's legacy. 


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