Hot Lead, Cold Iron - Ari Marmell

 I love it, I love not. I love it, I Iove it not. I love it, I love it not...


I don't know, you guys. Not sure how I'm feeling about this one.


Hot Lead, Cold Iron is an urban fantasy/P.I. noir set in 1932 Chicago. The author does a great job of immersing the reader in the atmosphere through dialogue, and the main character's hard-boiled thoughts. Things such as this: 


"And then a refrigerator all dolled up as a fist tried to offer me a backrub through my navel, and I remembered that I had more important things to worry about."


And this:


"Nix the waterworks, sister, and give it to me straight."


So that's fun, right? But, I'm 22% in and still not feeling completely pulled in by the story. It's sort of meandering, and I wish it would stay on point and move forward. 


I guess we'll see how it goes...