Cold Granite - Stuart MacBride



"Pubs, churches, and rain. Three things Aberdeen had in abundance.

The sky above was dark and low, the sodium glow of the streetlights giving early morning a jaundiced feel, as if the streets were unwell. Last night's torrential downpour hadn't let up at all, the heavy raindrops bouncing back off the slick pavements."


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One of the interesting things about reading this police procedural, despite the gruesome foundation of the story, is the setting. It takes place in the city of Aberdeen, Scotland, and in many ways the city itself is one of the characters. It really comes to life here. I love how the author intertwines the city, the weather, the regional slang, etc. with the story. 


I don't know why, but I don't often read police procedurals that are based in countries outside of the United States. But I'd love to read more of them. If anyone has any recs, I'd love to hear them. 


So, this might sound silly, but here are the fun things I've learned so far:


A Procurator Fiscal is a what we in the States call a public prosecutor. 



❖ An Aberdeen Buttery is a morning roll. They can be eaten cold, with butter or jam. Here is a recipe: If anyone wants to, you know, bake some and send them my way.... 



❖ Bacon Butty, which is basically a bacon sandwich.



❖ Scaffies, which is slang in Aberdeen for refuse collectors. And Tip, which is a landfill or garbage dump. 




 Who says genre fiction can't be educational? :)