Dying Light (Logan McRae, #2), by Stuart MacBride

Dying Light  - Stuart MacBride


"The inspector [Steel] let it die down before carrying on. 'But just because those bastards think we're worthless, doesn't mean we have to prove them right! We will do a damn good job: we will catch crooks and we will get the bastards convicted. Understood? We are not at home to Mr. Fuck-Up. Come on, say it with me: we are not at home to Mr. Fuck-Up.


Come on. Once more with feeling: We are not at home with Mr. Fuck-Up!


Logan snuck a look at the other people in the tiny, untidy room.

Who were they kidding? Not only were they at home to Mr. Fuck-Up, they'd made up the spare bed and told him to stay for as long as he liked". 


These characters are so endearing. As much as I like Logan McRae, secondary character Detective Inspector Steel is stealing the show. The woman steals every single scene she's in. She's such a hot mess, and I can't get enough of her.


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