Mars Shows Signs of Having Flowing Water, Possible Niches for Life, NASA Says


Channels inside Newton Basin on Mars

Source: NASA


So this is incredibly cool. Scientists have confirmed the existence of liquid water on Mars. Some believe it could signal the possibility of microbial life on the planet:

Liquid water is considered one of the essential ingredients for life, and its presence raises the question of whether Mars, which appears so dry and barren, could possess niches of habitability for microbial



Christopher P. McKay, an astrobiologist at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Mountain View, Calif., does not think the recurring slope lineae are a promising place to look. For the water to be liquid, it must be so salty that nothing could live there, he said. “The short answer for habitability is it means nothing,” he said.

He pointed to Don Juan Pond in Antarctica, which remains liquid year round in subzero temperatures because of high concentrations of calcium chloride salt. “You fly over it, and it looks like a beautiful swimming pool,” Dr. McKay said. “But the water has got nothing.”


Others are not so certain. David E. Stillman, a scientist at the Southwest Research Institute’s space studies department in Boulder, Colo., said water for the streaks might be different in different regions. In some, they form only during the warmest times, suggesting that those waters might not be too salty for microbes.

“If it was too salty, they would be flowing year round,” Dr. Stillman said. “We might be in that Goldilocks zone.”

One thing is certain, however: an alien turbinium reactor has not yet been discovered. For this they will have to wait for super secret spy Douglas Quaid's perilous journey to Mars...

Tee hee.


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