The Martian Movie and Our Real Journey to Mars

This fun post by NASA filled my space loving heart with geeky love.


NASA compares the fictional technologies featured in the newly released film The Martian, adapted from the very popular sci fi novel of the same name written by Andy Weir, with the real life technologies being developed for human exploration of Mars. 


Here are a few examples: 


"MOVIE: In the film, Astronaut Mark Watney is stranded on the Red Planet.


      REALITY: In preparation for sending humans to Mars, we have completed one of the most extensive isolation missions in Hawaii, known as HI-SEAS. The goal of this study was to see how isolation and the lack of privacy in a small group affects social aspects of would-be explorers. The most recent simulation was eight months long, and the next mission is planned to last a year."




    "MOVIE: Astronaut Mark Watney grows potatoes on Mars in The Martian movie.


REALITY: We’re already growing and harvesting lettuce on the International Space Station in preparation for deep space exploration. Growing fresh food in space will provide future pioneers with a sustainable food supplement, and could also be used for recreational gardening during deep space missions."


Check out the rest here.