Scientists Just Discovered Your Cat Might Be Trying To Kill You, And The Evidence Is Scary.

It's no accident....


Ever wonder what your furry babies are thinking as they watch you silently from their perches? Or why they'll occasionally lick your hand or brow? Don't be fooled. Chances are they're contemplating their next meal...YOU:

"Recent studies conducted at the University of Edinburgh and the Bronx Zoo resulted in scientists now understanding more about our little feline “friends” than ever before. By comparing domestic cats behavior to that of their wild cousins, scientists have found something so unsettling that will have you sleeping with one eye open.


You see, your beloved house cat might be a cute, ball-chasing bundle of fur… but she might also be plotting your demise.


What they found was that domestic cats and lions strongly share traits relating to dominance, impulsiveness, and neuroticism. In fact, if your cat was bigger, it might just consider making you its dinner."





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Be afraid. Be very afraid. 


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