Gray: Part III, by Lou Cadle

Gray: Part III - Lou Cadle

"Welcome to Idaho City.

The sign was metal, the words still visible through scorching that had happened during The Event's long fire.

The words spoke of the old days, seven months ago, when civilization was intact and the world robustly populated. The sign looked normal--or would have, had it not been for the pair of human feet attached over the first two words. The feet had been severed from their owner, and hex bolts were jammed between the metatarsals.


Coral and Benjamin are starving as they flee from this sight. When they encounter scavengers a few days later, have they found food and salvation? Or is it the deadliest trap of them all?

Gray Part III concludes the tale of post-apocalyptic survival. The series should be read in order."


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"How long before all this was gone? Twenty-five years? A hundred? How long before every building and the asphalt below them crumbled into dust? Would the buildings outlast people? Was there anything that anyone could do

to keep humanity alive that long?"



Gray: Part III is a wonderful end to a great trilogy. The end matched the tone and spirit of the story perfectly.


One of the most compelling aspects of this story, and what makes it truly shine, is its portrayal of human struggle and human nature. The character arcs of the leads were done so well – who they become over the course of the journey into the end of the world is very realistic. I also loved the look into how some people are followers while others are leaders. And is who we become during dire circumstances something already innate within us or do circumstances make us who we are? I walked away each time wondering who I would be faced with similar circumstances. I love thought-provoking reads like this.


My only criticism, or really wish, is that the trilogy had received the spit-shine polish of professional editing. The storytelling and character studies are so good that a treatment by a pro editor would have elevated the entire thing to a 5 star read. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t riddled with errors, but a good editor would have smoothed out some of the edges.


In any case, despite that minor criticism, I loved the Gray trilogy. I look forward to reading more by this author.


Final rating: 4 stars