Flesh House (Logan McRae, #4), by Stuart MacBride

Flesh House  - Stuart MacBride

"The case was closed. Until the killer walked free…


When an offshore container turns up at Aberdeen Harbour full of human meat, it kicks off the largest manhunt in the Granite City’s history.


Twenty years ago ‘The Flesher’ was butchering people all over the UK – turning victims into oven-ready joints – until Grampian’s finest put him away. But eleven years later he was out on appeal. Now he’s missing and people are dying again.


When members of the original investigation start to disappear, Detective Sergeant Logan McRae realizes the case might not be as clear cut as everyone thinks…


Twenty years of secrets and lies are being dragged into the light. And the only thing that’s certain is Aberdeen will never be the same again."


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"DI Steel yawned, stretched, then said, 'What's green and smells of pork?'


Logan didn't look up from the copy of yesterday's Evening Express he'd found on the back seat. 'No idea'.


She grinned at him. 'Kermit's willy!' Pause for laughter. Nothing. 'Miserable sods.'"


Logan and crew are back in Flesh House, the fourth installment of the Logan McRae series. This one was a lot darker and gorier than previous books (seriously, don’t eat while reading this), but it also contained a nice dose of humor, suspense, and moments that actually made me teary-eyed. The crime solving was also great, with the case keeping me guessing right until the end.  


This installment was a little different than previous books in that Logan was entirely focused on solving solely one case. Another difference is that for the first time in this series Logan didn’t miss some obvious clues, which he sometimes tends to do. 


Stuart MacBride really knocks it out of the park with Flesh House. It is now my official favorite of the series so far. Can't recommend it enough. 


Final rating: 5 stars


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