This is adorable. Dog pleads with dad for forgiveness. 


Someone on Youtube was kind enough to translate: 


"Mi stai chiedendo scusa?" (Are you apologising to me?). "Non capisco, non capisco proprio" (I don't understand, I really don't understand). "Cosa, cos'è che vuoi?" (What? What is it that you want?). "No, non funziona così" (No, that's not the way it works). "Stai sbagliando, stai sbagliando Ettore" (You are making a mistake, Ettore). "Hai capito cos'hai sbagliato?" (Have you understood what you did wrong?). "Non mi sembra che tu abbia capito" (I don't think you have understood). "Cosa? Cosa? Mi fai male" (What? What? You are hurting me). "Va bene, facciamo pace" (Alright. Let's make peace). "Pace, abbiamo fatto pace" (Peace. We have made peace).