I was listening to music today, as I do whenever I clean the house, and thought it would be fun to share one of the songs with you guys. 


"Un Beso" ("One Kiss").



"Un Beso" is a beautiful love song by the group Aventura. The song is about a man who has fallen in love after just one kiss.



The Genre.


Bachata (pronounced bäˈCHätä) originated in the Dominican Republic in the early-mid 1900's. Bachata started out as a mix of styles and rhythms: pan-Latin American bolero, African, and traditional Latin-Carribbean. Over time it has evolved, with artists like Aventura mixing in other elements, such as R&B and hip hop, creating what is known as the New York school of Bachata. 



The Dance.

  "Bachata music has four beats per measure. In Bachata dancing, the dancer takes three steps to four beats of music. As with Salsa, the step timing is three steps and then a one-beat pause. The knees are flexed on the steps. Given its humble origins, the steps are flat footed.

The chasse basic is three steps in one direction (side-close-side-tap or touch) and the same pattern in the other direction. Nightclub dancers add a lift or hip motion on the tap/touch step. The timing if called out sounds like "one, two, three, uh; one, two, three, uh."

The walking basic is similar, with the dancers walking forward and back rather than side to side."


Source: Heritage Institute



The Lyrics.


Translated from Spanish to English:


There is a woman that dominates

my senses with only one touch

and like me, it can happen to another man.

That only with a kiss,
he could fall in love

Without the need of words,

Only by touching lips,
Cupid's arrow will find us

That only with a kiss,

with her I am happy

Only with one small kiss,

takes me to infinity,
and we only just met.


A kiss represents friendship, sex, and love
in any part of the world

regardless of religion
With only one kiss from her,

I am transported to heaven and speak with god
I reach the stars of emotion

Her mouth is sensual
It captivates and excites me

I never get tired of kissing her
Her tongue makes me weak
She knows all the tricks,

Tell me if there's someone else

that with only one kiss,
could make a man fall in love.




Source: http://rachelbookharlot.booklikes.com