The Roundup



It looks like my reading mojo has followed me into February. It was another stellar reading month for me. All the books I read fell within the 3.75 to 5 star range. Here's the roundup:


One Night with Her Bachelor - Kat Latham  Moonshifted[MOONSHIFTED][Mass Market Paperback] - CassieAlexander  Shapeshifted - Cassie Alexander  

Deadshifted - Cassie Alexander  Bloodshifted - Cassie Alexander  A Better World - Marcus Sakey  Written in Fire (The Brilliance Trilogy) - Marcus Sakey  



 1. Kat Latham's One Night With Her Bachelor: A sweet, light contemporary romance. Loved everything about this story. Rating: 4 stars


2. Cassie Alexander's Eddie Spence series, Books 2-5: This is a darkish, noirish, quirky urban fantasy series. I was devastated to learn that the publisher decided not to continue this series after Book 5. The last book does offer a conclusion, but there are enough dangling threads that the series could have easily used another 2 books in order to feel like it was fully completed. I'll miss this series so very much. Ratings: Moonshifted (Book 2): 3.75 stars, Shapeshifted (Book 3): 4 stars, Deadshifted (Book 4): 4 stars, Bloodshifted (Book 5): 5 stars. 


3. Marcus Sakey's Brilliance Saga, Books 2 and 3: A nail-biting, fun, thrilling, action-packed story. This is essentially an action film on paper, which sounds like something that couldn't work, but worked great in this instance. Ratings: A Better World (Book 2): 4 stars, Written in Fire (Book 3): 4 stars.