The Roundup



Sadly, real life elbowed its way into my reading time, and much of my leisure time, during the month of March so I didn't get much done. Only 2 books and 1 novella managed to get read. Here's the round up:


Shatter the Bones - Stuart MacBride Close to the Bone - Stuart MacBride  The 45% Hangover [A Logan and Steel novella] (Kindle Single) - Stuart MacBride 


 Look at them. They look so sad and lonely. 


Supernatural-Dean.gif (500×281)


Well, the good news is that despite not having much time, and the sad look of this post with those 3 wee guys up there, at least I was able to feed my Logan McRae obsession. Shatter the Bones (Book 7), Close to the Bone (Book 8), and the novella, The 45% Hangover (8.5) were great. I'm loving the character development that Logan has undergone in the series so far. Eight books in and the series still manages to surprise. All three garnered 4 stars