Wolf Tracker (After the Crash #3) by Maddy Barone

Wolf Tracker (After The Crash, #3) - Maddy Barone

Brief Book Description:

The story begins in a post-apocalyptic United States in the year 2064. Tami Casper is thrust 50 years into the future after the passenger plane she is on crash lands in rural Nebraska. Unaware that they are no longer in the year 2014, she and another surviving passenger volunteer to get help for the remaining survivors.  Along the way, Tami is captured, held captive and forced to “marry” her captors.  Suffering horrific abuse at the hands of her “husbands”, she finally manages to escape. Dan “Tracker” Stensrud is hired by one of Tami’s “husbands” to find and return her. Not knowing the truth about Tami’s marriage, and assuming he is dealing with a grieving husband, he accepts the job.

My Thoughts:

Despite some of its slightly darker themes, this is a very sweet love story and I truly enjoyed it. I loved the slow burn romance and I really liked Tami, the Heroine, and Tracker, the Hero. I am also a fan of the paranormal alpha male types who bond to their chosen mates so the story doubly appealed to me. 

Although the story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, I would say this is still predominantly a paranormal romance, so keep that in mind if you are new to the series. There is some minor action but for the most part the book is character/romance driven.  The story is primarily about Tami and Tracker’s journey - her recovery from the horrific rapes she endured at the hands of her captors, and for Tracker, his realization that he longs for more than his loner existence and his feelings for Tami.

The author deals with the rape trauma and recovery in a very sensitive and realistic way, and I definitely give her extra kudos for that; it was very well done. The rapes happen off the page but Tami does have flashbacks that contain some details and there is discussion of the trauma so I would keep that in mind in case there are some worried about triggers.

I really liked the shifter and wolf clan aspect of the world-building as well as the Wild West world the US reverts to. Historical Western Romance and Historical Native American Western Romance are two of my favorite romance sub-genres so this aspect of the story definitely worked for me. I did, however, have some trouble with other aspects of the post-apocalyptic world-building, and there were some questions I felt went unanswered in this book, but to be fair, I have not read Book 1 and Book 2 of the series so the answers can probably be found there.

So, who would enjoy this story? I would say if you are a fan of paranormal romances which involve alpha male shifters and alpha mate bonds, and also enjoy historical western romances and historical Native American westerns, then you will enjoy this story.

Final Rating: 3 stars