Caught in Amber

Caught in Amber - Cathy Pegau



I'm going to put this on hold. It's just not working for me. There is no chemistry between the leads, the insta-intimacy and trust makes their relationship unbelievable, and I feel no connection to either one.

The writing style is also driving me a bit crazy. There is too much physical movement--every other sentence is "he raised his eyebrow", "she shivered", "she pressed her lips together", "she rubbed her hands together", "his jaw twitched"--it's too much. As a reader I do not need that much detail. Just give me enough to set the scene, and then let me fill in the blanks. Otherwise, I won't be able to become immersed in the story. Instead, it's keeping me at the surface and slowing down the pace. It's too bad because the world-building is excellent, and other than the excessive physical movements, and some repetition, the writing is good. The plot is a little weak, though; I do not feel the sense of urgency the Hero and heroine feel, and the Hero's plan is not well thought out.

I might pick this up again at a later date.