Deadline (Newsflesh, Book 2)

Deadline - Mira Grant

This was a major disappointment. I loved the world-building in Book 1, but somehow that world-building crumbled in the sequel. Things were added that, in my opinion, didn't fit and felt completely implausible to this world. I realize this sounds silly in a story filled with zombies but one of the things that made this work for me was the fact that the fantasy aspects of the story felt rooted in reality. The items that were added in this book did not feel as if it was building on what we learned previously, but instead felt like they were randomly inserted without thought to the science of this world. They were foreign, more than a little ridiculous, and stretched the bounds of believability. Also:

1. Too many details that were unnecessary to the plot and slowed the pace down. The first book also contained quite a bit of details but but it did not bother me because I was fascinated by the world. In this book they were just superfluous and did nothing to move the plot forward, add to characterization, or build on the world.

2. Too much repetition as if the reader could not be trusted to remember facts or plot points. There was a lot of information in this book that felt redundant and could have (and should have) been eliminated without detriment to the story.

3. The plot and overarching conspiracy plot began to fall apart, did not make logical sense in some places, and contained some major holes. Honestly, the plot of this book seemed like an afterthought; it did not feel like a natural progression of the events of Book 1. Also, the lengths taken to kill our protagonists were over the top. I'm sure there are far easier ways for people with such power to get this accomplished and covered up.

4. SPOILER ALERT:  Spoiler ahead that ruined this book and book 1 for me: The faux sibling incest angle. It is confirmed in this book that George and Shaun were lovers. This would have been fine with me (icky but fine) since they are not blood related, but I hate that George "lied" to the reader about it in Book 1. Yes, it was sort of hinted but George made a point to repeat over and over that she and her brother (and she kept referring to him as her BROTHER) were close because of their family history. She beat me over the head with it so I believed the codependency was due to the dysfunctional relationship they had with their parents and that she felt like Shaun was the only person she could trust with her life. Also, I was beat over the head with the fact that the truth was important to George - this was the major point of Book 1, that Georgia chased the truth. Therefore, to find out that she lied really pissed me off. In some cases an unreliable narrator works but in this case it was 100% FAIL. Furthermore, I really don't understand the need to expand on their relationship in this way. It wasn't necessary at all to the overall plot. Therefore, it felt as though it had been added for shock value and nothing more.

The sad part is the fact that their being in love/lovers could have been compelling if it had been used as a plot point in Book 1. Still icky, but compelling.

5. SPOILER ALERT(Major spoiler ahead that ruined the entire series for me: George is cloned and comes back to life. You read that right. If you're going to kill a character, don't fuck it up by bringing them back. Please.

SPOILER CONTINUED: I thought it was incredibly courageous that Mira Grant killed George; it was compelling, especially because it was at the hands of her brother. I thought George's death served a purpose to the overall plot and I looked forward to watching Shaun overcome it and move forward with his story. Unfortunately, this plot twist did nothing but compromise the integrity of Book 1. Now George's death seems nothing but another instance of the author using unnecessary shock value to manipulate the reader. Fail.

By the way, I read spoilers for Book 3 and know the reasons why George was killed. It still doesn't make sense and wasn't needed to accomplish what happens later. Double Fail.) END SPOILER.

One thing I did like about this book was Shaun's POV. I really like Shaun and I found reading about his grief compelling. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough. Point 4 and 5 were too much to handle and ruined the series for me. It also makes me wary of the author so I will not read any of her future works without first reading spoilers/reviews.