Forbidden (Volume 1)

Forbidden - Megan Curd I picked this book up as a Kindle freebie; I love stories about angels and demons and the premise seemed interesting. Unfortunately, this one didn't work for me.

You can tell this was written by a very new writer. It wasn't badly written per se but it contained awkward sentence structures that interrupted the flow; the book could definitely benefit from professional editing. However, that wasn't the only issue. The story is filled with implausible contrived scenarios and behavior from the characters that are illogical. Also, the characters are supposed to be sixteen years old but behave as if they are much younger - I would say as though they are 12-13 years of age. Hannah, the heroine, was not fleshed out enough and is sort of a caricature of a very young teenage girl. Actually, all of the characters seem like caricatures. Hannah is also a bit flighty, not too bright, and falls into the TSTL category.

The angel mythology was interesting and I did like Levi, the Hero. The pacing was also okay. I think this story had definite potential if it had been fleshed out. To be honest, this felt like it was still in the drafting stages and there had been a rush to get it published before it was ready for primetime.

In any case, the story didn't work for me but it might work for someone else. I suggest you read a sample before making a final decision.