Pleasure Unbound (Demonica, Book 1)

Pleasure Unbound - Larissa Ione Unfortunately I did not like this book. I made it about 89 pages in then put it down. This is one of those situations where the author did too much "telling" instead of "showing". There was entirely too much information being dumped into the dialogue and character's thoughts as opposed to letting it play out in the action and letting it flow naturally and slowly throughout the book. For example, the heroine, Tayla, is constantly thinking about how lonely she was as a child and how she can't open up, etc. This is something that really should have been shown through action, with some info sprinkled in. I couldn't feel sympathy for her or feel a connection because I felt as though I was being "talked at" instead of experiencing the isolation and loneliness with her.

I did love the world that was created but again, there was a constant information dump on the various demon species, their characteristics, etc. The hero, Eidolon, who I did like, was too forthcoming with this information too soon - especially considering that Tayla (the heroine) worked for an enemy organization that kills Eidolon's kind. This information started to be dispensed to her from the moment she wakes up at his hospital. It just didn't make any sense considering that she could eventually use this information against him.

I also found it hard to believe that a doctor would have sex with a patient who had just sustained serious injuries. I understand that he was fighting against a characteristic of a demon transformation, but to pick her up off the bed and push her up against a wall, while she had sutures, was too much. This happens within moments of her waking up - they had just met. It was too unbelievable and it didn't endear me to Eidolon that he couldn't control his demon urges with one of his patients. The whole thing was just too much. Also, taking her to the home of one of his colleagues, knowing full well that she could use this information against him, was too much as well. I understand that he blinded her with the magic stone so that she wouldn't be able to find it on her own, but the information gathered about how vampires lived, etc was something that could have been used by her and her organization later. It just wasn't a very smart move on his part.

Unfortunatley, I can only give this book 1 star. It's too bad because I really did have high hopes. The first chapter hooked me right away but it lost me as the story progressed.