Sons of Anarchy Season Finale: Random and Incoherent Musings

Warning: Major Spoilers Ahead


My poor Jax/Tara shipper heart.


I just watched the season finale of Sons of Anarchy and my mind is blown. I'm speechless. There was always a very small and naive part of me that believed (hoped) Jax would escape his fate, and the series would end with Tara and Jax leaving Charming. Now, clearly, that part of me is gone. It died along with poor Tara. 


Did I think Tara would die? Maybe. No, not really. I thought that if, big if, Jax killed Tara, then there was no way his character could be redeemed, and we would know for sure where his fate lies. Therefore, I did not fully believe Tara would die--at least not at the hands of Jax. I thought she would survive the series, and get her boys out of Charming. I should have seen the Gemma writing on that wall. Actually, don't laugh, I always thought Tara would kill Gemma. Heh.



Bobby once told Tara that Jax didn't have a chance without her. In a way I always believed that to be true. I thought Tara might help end the vicious cycle and that she would be his ticket out. Of course, as this season progressed and we watched Jax spiral deeper and deeper into the darkness, it started to become clear that Tara was no longer a powerful force in Jax's life. Or, at the very least, that whatever influence her character was meant to have was waning. Still, I hoped this was a red herring--that since next season is the final season, that all was supposed to appear hopeless between Tara and Jax as a way to throw us off the scent.


Damn you, Kurt Sutter. You evil genius.


Where is this all going? I have no freaking clue. I guess there are two possible ways this could all end. With Tara's death, all of Jax's humanity, the redeemable parts of him, will be gone and he will be lost forever. Or, Tara's death will be the catalyst that finally pushes Jax out of the cycle. That second one is probably wishful thinking on my part. Either way, I really don't see Jax surviving this series. I think the Club will survive, but not Jax. I hope I'm wrong because I love the S.O.B, but I don't think so. More than likely it will be Wendy who breaks the cycle by getting the boys out of Charming.


Or, maybe the cycle is not meant to be broken, and Season 7 will end with an adult Abel, married to a dark haired beauty, taking over the Club.


Next season should be interesting.



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