World After (Penryn & the End of Days, #2) by Susan Ee

World After  - Susan Ee

Yesterday I found out the world was ending...

A little more every day falls apart and slips away

I don't mind

I'm okay

Nothing ever stays the same

                                      -"While I'm Still Here"



After the devastating events at the aerie, Penryn is reunited with her mother and sister. But their reunion is shortlived. When Paige disappears, Penryn once again finds herself on a quest to recover her sister. What she discovers along the way will change her world...


"It's amazing how many times we have to go against our survival instincts to survive."


Book 1 of the End of Days series was amazing. Aside from the post-apocalyptic storyline, which I loved since I'm a huge fan of anything to do with angels and the apocalypse, the pacing was pitch perfect and the storytelling was magnetic. Penryn's family circumstances and the quest to save her sister was also compelling. Her strength in the face of all that she encounters was done in such a realistic, raw, and gritty way.


Book 2, on the other hand, failed to have that same impact. I've been asking myself why that could be, and I think the answer is that Book 1 felt much more organic. There was a depth to the original story that seemed to be missing here. Book 2 just felt very manufactured and forced. Some of the dialogue felt forced, there were quite a number of convenient coincidences (one of which blew my mind: ****SPOILER the fact that Penryn's mother had a tracking device the entire time was a bit ridiculous), and there were a few moments where I actually rolled my eyes because the scenes in question felt as though they were trying too hard to elicit emotion from the reader. Even Penryn herself felt a bit artificial--almost like a caricature of the character from Book 1.


There were also some other issues: the story meandered aimlessly for the first 30% of the book and I forced myself not to skim or DNF (and I was tempted); a plot didn't really emerge until about 37% into the story; the first portion of the book provided some needed backstory and information, but it was provided through dreams and dream-like sequences. While necessary, I think the story would have been better served had the information been woven more naturally into the progression of the plot. 


Still, there were a few great moments. The last 30% of the story was filled with some thrilling action sequences (one of which left me breathless), the pacing picked up, and the scenes felt much more natural--like a return to the tone of Book 1. It is for this alone that I rounded up my rating to 3 stars.


Despite enjoying the final portion of the book, it wasn't enough to save it, or bring it to the level of Book 1. After much anticipation for this sequel, it left me feeling disappointed. Here's hoping that Book 3 recaptures and sustains the magic that was Angelfall.


Final Rating: 3 stars