King of Sorrow

 Season 4 Episode 13 "Alone"


Warning: Spoilers Ahead


 I'm crying everyone's tears

And there inside our private war

I died the night before

All of these remnants of joy and disaster

What am I supposed to do...

I wonder will this grief ever be gone

Will it ever go? 

I'm the King of Sorrow...

                              -"King of Sorrow"




Oh Daryl. My baby. You truly are the king of sorrow. This guy can't catch a break. I know all these guys have lost so much, and I weep for them all, but Daryl's losses always tear at my soul. The man started out with a crap life to begin with, suffering from a neglectful alcoholic mother and an abusive alcholic father, and it's all just been downhill from there. At some point something good has to happen for this guy, right? Right?? Yeah, I wouldn't hold my breath either. But a girl can dream.



The episode begins with a flashback of Bob wandering through the woods despondent


and alone. I have to say, I loved, loved, loved this intro. You truly feel the sense of loss, hopelessness, loneliness, and isolation that Bob is feeling. And this theme of "alone" permeates through the entire episode, with each character facing their own moments of isolation and despair.


We also get to see the moment Bob meets up with Daryl and Glenn,

and in what turns to be quite a prophetic line, upon their invitation to join them, Bob says yes because "it doesn't matter who you are." He's just happy not to be alone.


We're Off to See the Wizard



Maggie, Bob, and Sasha make the third group of survivors to find the sign for Terminus. Maggie is convinced that Glenn would "go there looking for me looking for him", but Sasha isn't convinced. And in shades of 2 seasons past when Michonne also warned against things that seemed too good to be true, Sasha voices her dissent. I have to say,  I completely agree with her. I've been mulling over Terminus since the first group found the sign. So, let's talk about Terminus for a second....



Terminus, what the heck are you because "sanctuary" you are not. I'm convinced this will be next season's Big Bad. I haven't read the comics, and I try my best to stay away from spoilers, but I did happen unwittingly upon some chatter

about the possibility of cannibals. I could definitely see that being the case. To be honest, I'm kind of surprised these guys haven't stumbled upon cannibals before. I would think in a world this chaotic, with food sources dwindling, that some would resort to this in order to stay alive. But perhaps things aren't really that dire in this world just yet since there is still the possibility of hunting for animals and pillaging houses. If anything, it's the live human animal that is the most scarce. It is an interesting thought, though.

(show spoiler)
(show spoiler)

Regardless, I'm not sure I would name a place of sanctuary what is the equivalent of "end of the road". I mean, really. Call it Eden, or Beginis, or something else, but the "end"? I get that it could simply be "the end of the railroad". But still...with this group's luck I'd say that sounds pretty ominous.


Terminus was also, apparently, a Roman God who protected boundary markers (thank you, Wikipedia). From Wiki:


"The name of the god Terminus was the Latin word for a boundary stone,and his worship as recorded in the late Republic and Empire centred on this stone, with which the god could be identified. Siculus Flaccus, a writer on land surveying, records the ritual by which the stone was sanctified: the bones, ashes, and blood of a sacrificial victim, along with crops, honeycombs, and wine, were placed into a hole at a point where estates converged, [emphasis mine, and I'll add it's interesting that Maggie points out that all roads converge/lead to Terminus] and the stone was driven in on top. On February 23 annually, a festival called the Terminalia was celebrated in Terminus' honor, involving practices which can be regarded as a reflection or "yearly renewal" of this foundational ritual. Neighboring families would garland their respective sides of the marker and make offerings to Terminus at an altar—Ovid identifies these, again, as crops, honeycombs, and wine. The marker itself would be drenched in the blood of a sacrificed lamb or pig. There followed a communal feast and hymns in praise of Terminus."


That does not sound good. Could our survivors be headed into the haven of a cult who sacrifice human victims to some sort of god of protection or renewal?


Should be interesting.



In any case, despite her misgivings, Sasha gives in and the group heads towards Terminus in search of Glenn. Along the way, Maggie and Sasha each confront their own moments of going it alone; Maggie because she doesn't want to risk the lives of Bob and Sasha for her own personal quest to find Glenn, and Sasha because she's afraid of what the future will bring. However, both realize they can't do it alone. They need each other. More importantly, they are willing to risk their lives for each other and for a future.


There was also a really nice moment between Bob and Sasha--and a new potential couple is born. I love how these people can find hope and love in the face of such horror.


When Bad Things Happen to Good People



Daryl and Beth find their own sanctuary in a seemingly abandoned cemetery caretaker house. And of course, in keeping with Sasha's earlier sentiments about things being too good to be true, it turns out to be exactly that. But first, let me just be the first to vote no to this:



No. Just no. While I did enjoy their scenes together, and I thought they had some adorable and great moments, I still say no. Stop. I'll admit that when they first escaped the prison together, I was intrigued with the possibility of a hook up between these two. But, after watching Beth these last few episodes, and I do like her as a character, I just think she's waaaay too young for Daryl.


I also think that role was horribly miscast. I don't think the actor who plays her is very good, and I think in the hands of someone who can capture the nuances of emotion--the way she delivered the "oh" line at the end there was terrible--could make a Daryl/Beth pairing work. Right now, these two have zero chemistry on screen.


I could be misinterpreting what was happening here, and perhaps there is no intention of a real potential hook up, but something more along the lines of two people gravitating towards each other due to their circumstances. I can accept that. But please, nothing more. Otherwise, I'm going to need a lot of convincing.


And for the record, can I just say: FFS, can Daryl get a viable love interest, already? Seriously, writers. WTF? And just in case you were wondering: Carol = no.


In any case, Beth convinces Daryl that good people still exist in the world, and Daryl can see the goodness in her.....and then BAM she's kidnapped, thus reinforcing for Daryl that a) good people truly do not survive, and b) there are no good people in the world.


Poor Daryl goes after the car, but loses the trail at a crossroads and the now infamous



railroad tracks. Can I just say, despite the horror, I love the imagery here. Not only because we come full circle in the episode with Daryl now the one despondent and alone, but because he's offered refuge by what is essentially his past.



Daryl's own figurative crossroad is echoed in Joe's "why hurt yourself when you can hurt other people", and in Bob's "it doesn't matter who you are."


In any case, Daryl joins them, of course, but I really do think the writer's are just playing with the audience. What else was he supposed to do when these guys would have killed him if he hadn't.


Final Destination



So where is this guy going? Based on the fact that the trail ended at the railroad tracks, I'm thinking he's headed for Terminus. The cross on the rear windshield also reaffirms my theory that Terminus could potentially be a haven for a crazy cult. Really the whole caretaker house, including the dog, seemed like a trap from the beginning. So I think Beth is now on her way to Terminus.



And now so is Glenn.


Join me next week when we meet up with Carol, Tyreese, Mika, and Lizzie the Little Psycopath.


And Now For A Little Something Extra...


"King of Sorrow"




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