The Frenzy Way, Book 1 by Gregory Lamberson

The Frenzy Way - Gregory Lamberson

There is something sinister preying on the citizens of New York City...


When police captain Tony Mace is called to the scene of a gruesome crime, it's a scene of depravity that shocks even this veteran homicide cop. When more bodies begin turning up, and witnesses begin telling tales of a terrifying creature fleeing the scene of the crimes, Mace fears mass hysteria has gripped the city. But what is truth and what is fiction? The investigation will lead him down a path he never expected, and to a truth he never would have thought possible.




I saw a werewolf with a chinese menu in his hand

       walking through the streets of Soho in the rain

 He was looking for the place called Lee Ho Fooks

     Gonna get a big dish of beef chow mein

Aaaahoooo werewolves of London


                                  -  "Werewolves of London"

                                      Warren Zevon


Sorry, but I just couldn't help myself. That Warren Zevon song was stuck in my head so you must all suffer for it. I even included the video at the bottom of this post.


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This book was really dang good. It was well written, contained some thrilling action scenes, and the author got the atmosphere of NYC just right. I also really appreciated that he captured the diversity of the city, as well as the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) underlying racial divide. It gave the story and the characters an added layer of authenticity.


There were quite a number of POV's featured, and I'm torn on how I feel about that. Sometimes I felt the shifts enhanced the story (and I did like them), especially when providing another viewpoint to a scene or action sequence, but sometimes it did get a tad tiresome. There were one or two moments after a pivotal scene that a shift to another POV drove me a little bonkers. That being said, I was extremely impressed with the fact that each and every character featured, with the exception of one, was fleshed out and well done. No matter how minor, they had their own voice. Very impressive!


The only character I felt was not fleshed out well was Mace's wife. She felt 2 dimensional. In fact,

sometimes she came across as a little...dumb. For example, after Mace tells her he thought he'd seen a werewolf, she tells him not to tell anyone (which made sense), but then she says she's tired and is going to bed. Whaaa? Another example is when Mace thinks he's being followed by the villain. She asks Mace how the villain would know who he was and where he lived. It's already been established that Mace is quite well known due to the media attention of the crimes--something she is well aware of.

(show spoiler)


The story is quite dark, and there is some gore and some very gory scenes. Trigger alert:

there is one very brief rape scene.

(show spoiler)

The book is tagged as horror, but I thought it fell more along the lines of a dark thriller/urban fantasy.


As a random aside, I love the cover. It was the first thing that caught my eye. However, I think the cover for Book 2 is spectacular, and I just might have to create a new shelf titled 'awesome covers' because of it:





Love that cover, and love this book.


Final Rating: 4 stars


*image source: Van Helsing


"Werewolves of London" by Warren Zevon (can be seen on blog only)