The Duke's Holiday (Regency Romp Trilogy, #1) by Maggie Fenton

The Duke's Holiday (The Regency Romp Trilogy) - Maggie Fenton;Margaret Foxe

"The Duke of Montford, cold, precise, and more powerful than the Prince Regent himself, wants things the way he wants them: cross-referenced, indexed, and at his beck and call. And he always gets what he wants.

Until he meets Astrid Honeywell. And a giant pig. And a crooked castle in the middle of Yorkshire..."




I'm a sucker for enemies to lovers romances. There is just something intriguing, fun,

and sexy about watching two people who seemingly despise each other fall in love. What's that saying, "there's a thin line between love and hate"? Makes it all the more exciting. 


                            "Damn that woman to bloody hell, but she was a...a...


                             A strumpet.

                            Worse. He suspected she was a bluestocking. The horror."

                                                                                                 - Montford


The Duke's Holiday is a humorous enemies to lovers historical romance that doesn't take itself too seriously.


The Montfords and the Honeywells have despised one another for nearly two centuries. When the Duke of Montford discovers the last of the male line of Honeywells, Alyosius Honeywell, has been dead for one year, Montford believes he can finally be rid of them. Ownership of the Honeywell estate and brewery will revert to the dukedom. But Astrid Honeywell, the eldest daughter and current manager of the estate, doesn't plan on making it easy. She won't give up without a fight.


This was just pure escapist fun. I loved the mayhem and comedy that ensued as Montford and Astrid tried to outwit each other, and just generally drove each other crazy. There were some very funny scenes involving the antics of these two.  


I especially loved Montford who is a total prig with OCD tendencies. His struggle with Astrid was the most fun to watch. I liked Astrid, but she did grate on my nerves a bit for the first third of the story. However, she did grow on me as the story progressed. By the end I liked her quite a bit.


The story was well written, although there was an overuse of italicized words which drove me a bit crazy at first. I was able to overlook that as the story unfolded.


There was a set up for a romance of two secondary characters which will be the focus of Book 2. While I liked those two characters, I'm not sure I found them intriguing enough to pick up their book. I guess we'll see. I might change my mind.


Overall this was a very enjoyable amusing romance. I know Lisa Kleypas does not write humorous historical romances, but this book reminded me of the Wallflower series for some reason. So, if you like humorous romances, and if you like the Wallflower series, then you might like The Duke's Holiday.


Final Rating: 4 stars